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"Flyer High started in early 2020 as I desperately wanted to do something and realize my songs in the studio. I did not have musicians to record with so I played all the Instruments myself while having my good friend and producer Lukas Spielvogel in the control room. I would send him a demo, discuss it a bit, and then do the recording. Most of the time these sessions went very fast and we tried to get things done in a few takes in order to keep them fresh. Of course, I needed musicians to perform those songs live with me so a great drummer named David Seistock who I knew from my hometown came to my mind. I put out an online ad for Bass and got a response from Michael Reibnagel. I watched some videos of him playing and knew he was the right one for the job. Soon after a friend recommended David Canlas to take over Lead Guitar. So David, Reibi, and Dave agreed to join me for playing live shows. It's a great feeling to play these songs with other people and make them come alive in the rehearsal room or at a concert. I am constantly in the studio recording new songs and greatly looking forward to the next show with my amazing live band."

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Flyer High is everything from Rock to Acoustic and back. These songs are intended to be universal, hopefully, everyone can see their own experiences in them and interpret them however they want. I like experimenting with creative instrumental parts and vocal melodies and have fun putting these things together, hope you’ll enjoy!

Band members:

  • Stefan Prock-Schauer

Song-Writer, Guitar, Vocals

  • David Seistock

Drummer (Live)​

  • Michael Reibnagel

Bass Guitar (Live)​

  • David Canlas

Lead Guitar (Live)​

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Flyer High is open for new bookings
and ready to come to your city.


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